Find the knowledge needed to become an expert about recycling and sustainable waste management options in Kanawha County. The Tool Kit touches on everything from how different materials are recycled to talking points and frequently asked questions from residents.

  1. Why Recycle? (click to visit): Review a summary of the reasons why recycling is an essential part of a sustainable, sound decision making process to protect the environment and future generations.
  2. How It Works & Resources (click to visit): Learn the history of recycling, how materials are recycled, different methods recycle and more. Resources connect you to the business, agencies and information that may assist with your work and answer your questions.
  3. Where & What to Recycle (click to visit): Access the different options for recycling in the area - recycling facilities and businesses, specialty businesses and municipal programs. 
  4. Alternate Methods (click to visit): Learn about other sustainable methods to reduce waste like donating, upcycling and composting.
  5. Q&A (click to visit): Find answers to frequently asked questions, responses to common misconceptions and talking points.

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