Much of what we throw in the garbage can be reduced, reused or recycled. Recycling Ambassadors are volunteers who want to help the people in their communities understand better about the options they have to keep waste out of the landfills (read more about the roles and reasons for Recycling Ambassadors on the About the Program page). 

Our Promise to YouEdit

In return for your efforts, we promise to provide consistent support to all Recycling Ambassadors. We will provide you with training through workshops, one-on-one conversations and being an active participant in the Recycling Ambassador Resource Center. We will give you tools to support you in outreach projects and then information needed to carry out your ideas.

Ambassador ExpectationsEdit

Recycling Ambassadors develop projects that help people in their communities reduce, reuse and recycle more. These projects typically fall into one of three areas: establishing yourself as a resource; education; and opportunities. By selecting and creating projects that appeal to you, you establish the level of involvement that fits best with your schedule. See ideas for projects on the Getting Started with Outreach page and in our Ambassador Forum.

This program is a collaborative effort; we welcome your feedback and ideas. We are always looking for more diverse ways to reach people in communities and better ways to support our Ambassadors. What’s working for you? What hasn’t worked? What could we be doing better? What outreach ideas do you have? Please let us know by contacting us directly or by using the Ambassador Forum on this site. 

Becoming an AmbassadorEdit

The steps to become an Ambassador are simple. Notify the Kanawha County Solid Waste Authority that you are interested in the program - call us at (304) 342-4477 or email We will add you to our Recycling Ambassador list and loop you into future conversations.  

Working together, we can create a sustainable future for all Kanawha County residents.

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