Are you an advocate for recycling living in Kanawha County, West Virginia?

Recycling Ambassadors are volunteers who want to help the people in their communities understand better about the options they have to sustainably get rid of their waste. Landfills are not a sustainable option for us, and county residents rely heavily on them to dispose of their waste. There are options to reduce, reuse and recycle across the county, but knowledge of these opportunities is not widespread. The goals of the Recycling Ambassador program are simple: get more people recycling and keep more trash out of the landfill.

Ambassadors develop projects for their communities, such as their neighborbors, co-workers, friends and community groups, to educate people about recycling and connect them with opportunities. Ambassadors also create projects around other options to sustainably remove waste like donating, upcycling and composting (see Alternate Methods page for details). 

The Recycling Ambassador Program was created by the Kanawha County Solid Waste Authority (visit our site).

We are the central resource in Kanawha County for connecting residents to sustainable waste reduction techniques. Our primary focus is education and awareness about recycling. While we are working hard each day, we are only as good as our resources. That's why we created this program - to empower key people across Kanawha County to help us spread the word.

Becoming a Recycling Ambassador benefits you:

  • Become an expert in recycling and waste reduction
  • Facilitate a stronger sense of community in your circles
  • Directly improve recycling rates and help the environment
  • Create a more sustainable future for your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers

Interested in moving forward? Head to the Become an Ambassador page.

To see a complete list of the resources available to you in the Recycling Ambassador Resource Center Tour the Site.